These books in the series "Radio, technical and scientific library", "Popular-scientific library of self-education" and "Radio-Television" were published by Franciszek J. Gajewski in 1946-1950. The place of issue - depending on the period - was Zakopane or Krakow. I did not find any information about the author's or the publisher's story. Perhaps as part of doing "cleanups" with the private initiative of the commune, she closed the publishing house. In my collection I have only a few books, but from the lists placed in them, you can see that high numbers of notebooks appeared, such as 46. That would mean that perhaps a wide series was published, but some notebooks were less popular than others.


Lampa trójelektrodowa "trioda"

Zmiana układu naprawianych odbiorników radiowych

Technika stosowania lamp zamiennych

Zmiana układu naprawianych odbiorników radiowych

Naprawa instalacji radio-odbiorczej

Naprawy grzejników elektrycznych

Unowocześnianie odbiorników radiowych

Unowocześnianie odbiorników radiowych

Praktyczne przykłady stosowania lamp zamiennych

Teoria sprawdzania lamp radiowych

Działanie i budowa nowoczesnych lamp radiowych

Grzejniki elektryczne

Obliczanie grzejników elektrycznych

Encyklopedia grzejników elektrycznych

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